Georgios Lagiotis

DPhil Student

Brief Description
Born in Kozani (Greece) 1985. BS in Biology with the direction of "Environmental Biology and Management of Biologcal Resources", in the Univeversity of Crete, Greece (2007). MSc in "Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology", in the Univeversity of Crete, Greece (2009). Currently, DPhil student in Plant Sciences department of Oxford University (UK).


  • Plant Developmental Genetics of Embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Investigation of the Involvement of the SERRATE/HD-ZIPIII Regulatory Module in Developmental Domain Coordination during Embryogenesis in Arapidopsis

Work Contribution within SIREN
We wish to investigate of how the SERRATE/HD-ZIPIII regularory module is contributing to developmental domain coordination during Arabidopsis embryogenesis.

Working Group
Miltos Tsiantis

Expected Secondments
Dolf Wieijers' lab

University of Oxford
Department of Plant Sciences
South Parks Road
OX1 3RB Oxford
United Kingdom

University of Oxford