Ming Luan

PhD Student

Brief Description
I am a person that likes a simple and quiet place to live, good scientific and social atmosphere to work. I am very interested in investigating developmental process of the tiny Arabidopsis and know more about networks giving rise to diversity of species, further contributing to our beautiful world.

A 'peaceful mind', that can lead me to contribute more to other people.


  • Developmental Biology
  • Genetics

Work Contribution within SIREN

  • Isolation of upstream regulators of PLETHORAs
  • Identification of PLETHORAs Interactors during Early Embryogenesis

Working Group
Ben Scheres
Viola Willemsen

Expected Secondments
Dolf Weijers' lab

Universiteit Utrecht
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biology
Molecular Genetics Group
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands

Universiteit Utrecht