Definition of target genes for key cell fate regulators

Cell fate specification in early embryogenesis is regulated by the expression of combinations of key transcriptional regulators in specific cells in response to various signalling pathways. Expression of such regulators controls both downstream effectors of cell identity as well as feedback on upstream signalling pathways to reinforce cell fates.
Charting genomic binding sites for a small number of key regulatory transcription factors provide a genome-wide view of target genes for each regulator. This, in turn, allows the elucidation of regulatory interactions.
Known key cell fate regulatory transcription factors tagged with green fluorescent protein (GFP) will provide the starting material for this study.

Trainee’s Contribution

  • PhD-student hosted in Gwyneth Ingram’s lab at The University of Edinburgh/United Kingdom.
  • Cristina Llavata hosted in Dolf Weijers’ lab at the Wageningen Universiteit, Wageningen/The Netherlands.

Gwyneth Ingram
Gerd Jürgens
Dolf Weijers