Integration of Signalling Mechansims

Triple immunolocalization
An RNAi activity in the vascular primordium governs the formation of the shoot meristem stem cells (blue color), Tucker et al. Development 135, 2839-2843.

Mechanisms that control cell fates in the early embryo do not operate in isolation, but are intricately coordinated. The known and newly isolated key cell fate regulators, which are the starting material for this project, all control cell fates, exclusively as well as combinatorially.

First the network partners identify the components of protein complexes containing key cell fate regulators, and will subsequently examinate the cross-talk and connections between these key regulators within known signalling pathways. Together with data about microRNA regulation in cell fate specification and genetic and molecular connections, our results are integrated into computer models, which allow us to more fully comprehend the complexity of interactions.

This system as a whole provides a comprehensive model describing how a plant embryo is made.

Trainee’s Contribution

  • PhD-student hosted in Gwyneth Ingram’s lab at The University of Edinburgh/United Kingdom.
  • PhD-student hosted in Thomas Laux’ lab at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg/Germany.
  • PhD-student hosted in Ben Scheres’ lab at the Universiteit Utrecht/The Netherlands.
  • PhD-student hosted in Miltos Tsiantis’ lab at The University of Oxford/United Kingdom.
  • Cristina Llavata hosted in Dolf Weijers’ lab at the Wageningen Universiteit, Wageningen/The Netherlands.
  • Post-doc hosted in Ben Scheres’ lab at the Universiteit Utrecht/The Netherlands.

Gwyneth Ingram
Thomas Laux
Ben Scheres
Miltos Tsiantis
Dolf Weijers