...get more insight with our following workshops:

  • 2-weeks workshop on “Proteomic identification of protein complexes”.
  • 2-weeks workshop on “Live-embryo fluorescent imaging”.
  • 2-weeks workshop on “Mathematical modelling of biological processes”.
  • 3-days international workshop on Early Embryogenesis in Plants.
  • 1,5-days seminar on Communication I - Sharpen your Communication (09. - 10.03.2010).
  • 1,5-days seminar on Coummincation II - Reaching your Dreamjob: Advanced Workshop on Presention and Interview Skills and Techniques (28. - 29.09.2010).
  • 1,5-days seminar on Communication III - Funding - From Idea to Reality: Workshop on Grant Writing, Self-organisation and Leadership Skills.
  • 1,5-days seminar on Legals & Entrepreneurship - Elaboration of formal and legal basic conditions to persist and exist.

Annual presentation and discussion of results of the sub-project at SIREN’s network meeting will be mandatory.